Tidbits of Truth

Recently, I have been keeping a digital journal in which I am recording tidbits of truth, basic take aways from time in the Word, photos, articles, inspiring instagram posts, and really anything that happens to inspire me.  I am mostly writing it for my children, hoping to impart any bits of truth or wisdom that God teaches me.  I am also hoping to use it as a space to record stories of what God has done in my life to remind myself of His work in my life, but also in order that my children will know my story.  It is mostly a collection of sticky notes, sketches, poetry, quotes, lines from books, recipes, and sometimes super random things.  There is not a lot of rhyme or reason to the order of it, other than it all points to the recording of my story and what God is daily doing in my life.  Although my children were the reason I began this, I will be posting most of it publicly in order to hold myself accountable to writing often.   Today I am simply posting my somewhat scattered take aways from today's worship service.  

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